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Salvage Hunters : Classic Cars 

If you would like to send details of a vehicle you are looking to sell or have a general enquiry about Salvage Hunters : Classic Cars, please email Paul Cowland direct at: paul@landspeed.net



If you have an item you wish to sell, please send details and images via the Enquiry Form below rather than call the office. The maximum image size is 1MB. If it is of interest we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Due to the high volume of emails we receive daily, we apologise but we can only reply to emails we wish to discuss further and if not, thank you and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to contact us.


Valuations / Personal Visits

We are sorry to advise that due to filming, business and family commitments, Drew is unable to respond to questions about items / provide valuations or make personal visits to value items you may be looking to sell. We warmly welcome emails with images attached, details for which are outlined in the Sell section above. 


Visiting Us / Shop

Our shop in Conwy is now open. There is no need for an appointment and all the shop details have been listed on the website. In addition, we update the website twice-weekly with details of all our latest stock items or you can subscribe to our Newsletter at the bottom of the Home page. 

If you have an interest or require further information about an item on our website, please call our office on 01492 580890 or use the Enquiry Form.

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