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** We don't offer a valuation/ appraisal service **

We are always in the market for new stock! We particularly want to buy period furniture, lighting, seating, garden antiques, statuary, high quality designer furniture of all periods and wall art.

We don't want to buy old baths, gates, ovens, home appliances, bricks, electric fires, farm and surgeon's equipment, prosthetic limbs, musical instruments, sewing machines, mangles, safes and scales etc.

Although I'm hugely flattered, we are often asked often if we offer franchises or collaborations either in the UK or overseas for people to source stock or sell their own artwork etc. I don't have anyone who buys for me, so my time is taken up sourcing antiques for our website.

Rather than call the office to see if I'd be interested in buying an item, please email in via the Enquiry Form below. I do not visit people's homes so a photo or two is the best starting point. We receive a huge amount of emails every day and will always give each one our full attention but if you are selling something I am not interested in, we may not have time to get back to you but I really appreciate the time you have taken to send it to me. If you've sent me something I do want to buy, Ruth will be in touch. Once again, please don't be upset if we don't get back to you.

Please email your photos to: sell@drewpritchard.co.uk



We do not carry out valuations, video messages or offer an appraisal service at the current time.

We are asked daily if we offer apprenticeships/work experience, can make personal visits, arrange days out and / or meet the team. We wish it could be different but at the moment we are unable to offer this. 


Making a Purchase

If you require further clarification or would like to make a purchase, please call my office on 01492 580890 or use the Sales Enquiry link on the stock item and one of my team will come back to you. Alternatively you can email sales@drewpritchard.co.uk. Please see the below regarding customs and import taxes.


Customs and import taxes

In line with the UK having now left the EU, buyers will need to check with their local authorities to see if any customs and import taxes are applicable. Any additional customs and tax payments are the responsibility of the buyer. Drew Pritchard Limited are not responsible for delays due to customs.

All the best

Drew x


We update the website twice-weekly with details of all our latest stock items but  you can also subscribe to our Newsletter at the top of the website. 


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