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Steel Bistro Table

Painted and riveted steel bistro table.

French early 20th century.


H:72 W:59 D:59 CM

H:28 D:23 D:23 INCHES



Bauhaus Desk

A tubular steel desk in the Modernist Bauhaus manner.

Unusual colour combination just works so well.


H:75 W:122 D:75.5 CM

H:29.5 W:46 D:29.8 INCHES



French Stoneware Bowl

Glazed stoneware bowl.

French late 19th century.

* The smaller yellow bowl has sold *

H:19 W:36 D:36 CM

H:7.5 W:14.1 D:14.1 INCHES




A six section modular side table system.



Average Size 

H:45 W:45 D:20 CM

H:17.5 W:17.5 D:8 INCHES



Bust of Guido Gezelle

A bronzed plaster bust.

Gezelle was a translator of poetry and prose. Known for his linguistic mastery, Gezelle is considered one of the most important poets of Dutch literature.

H:40 D:15 D:16 CM

H:15.8 D:35 D:7.5 INCHES



Executive Desk

A black rosewood veneered Executive Desk in the manner of Arne Vodder.


H:74 W:202 D:93  CM ( D: Including Cabinet 118 cm)

H:29 W:79.5 W:36.5 INCHES ( D: Including Cabinet 74 inches)



Vintage Glass Table Lamp

Blown glass table lamp.

Belgian, 1950s.

Rewired and pat tested.

H:33 W:16 D:10 CM

H:13 W:6.6 D:4 INCHES



Bust of a Gentleman

A plaster bust of a bearded man.

Remnants of a museum label to the back of the neck.

French, late 19th century.

H:54 W:24 D:25 CM

H:21 W:9.5 D:9.8 INCHES



Prismatic Holophane Pendants

A run of really nice original three part prismatic Holophane pendant lights.

English 1930s.

Rewired and pat tested, supplied with suspension chain and ceiling hook.

Four (4) available, price is per light. * 2 Reserved *


H:27 W:26 D:26 CM

H:10.9 W:10.2 D:10.2 INCHES




A 19th century plaster bust inscribed "Victor".


H:49 W:35 D:24 CM

H:19.5 W:13.9 D:9.5 INCHES



Meat Hooks

Wall mounted alloy Butchers hook and rail.

Large swivel hooks.



H:28 W:197 D:30 CM

H:11 W:77.5 D:12 INCHES



Bronze Bust

A bronze bust of a moustachioed Gentleman.

Belgian, 1920s.

H:56 W:26 D:22 CM

H:22 W:10.1 D:8.8 INCHES



Bamboo Porch Chair

A bamboo and cane work porch or conservatory chair.

Wonderful shape.



H:92 W:63 D:64 CM (Seat Height 42 cm)

H: 36 W:24.5 D:25 INCHES (Seat Height 16,5 inches)



Terracotta Hounds

A pair of terracotta seated hounds.

Exagerated form, large size, good colour and extremely original.

Italian, circa 1900.

H:110 W:38 D:70 CM

H:43.2 W:14.9 D:27.5 INCHES



De Sede Armchairs

A pair of leather armchairs by De Sede of Switzerland.


Super quality, price is for the pair. 

H:80 W:92 D:83 CM (Seat Height 38 cm)

H:31.5 W:36.1 D:32.5 INCHES (Seat Height 15 inches)



1950's Chair

Tubular steel armchair.

Superb form.

European 1950s.


H:80 W:59 D:49 CM (Seat Height 44 cm)

H:31.5 W:23.2 19.2 INCHES (Seat Height 17.2 inches) 




Crystal Table lamp

A Crystal St Louis table lamp.

French 1930s.

Rewired and pat tested.


H:35 W:11 D:11 CM

H:13.8 W:4.8 D:4.8 INCHES



Wicker Linen Baskets

Three wicker linen baskets.

Belgian 60s.

Price is for the three.



H:42 W:57 D:73 CM

H:16.2 W:22.2 D:28.5 INCHES



Opaline Pendants

Opaline glass pendant lights on short monks cap gallery's.

English 1950s.

Price is per pendant.

Rewired and pat tested, suspension chain and ceiling included.

H:33 W:27 D:27 CM

H:13 W:10.5 D:10:5 INCHES



Howard Easy Armchair

An easy armchair by Howard & Sons, London.

Re-upholstered in new old stock Howard ticking.

English, 1880s.

H:92 W:79 D:70 CM (Seat Height 40 cm)

H:36 W:31 D:27.5 INCHES (Seat Height 16 inches)



Bar Cart

A gilt brass bar cart with black and white vitrolite shelves.

German 60s.

H:64 W:45 D:80 CM

H:25 W:17.5 D:31.5 INCHES



Fase Desk Lamp

A Fase desk lamp.

A scarce model.

Madrid late 60s.

Rewired and pat tested.

H:25 W:17 D:25 CM

H:9,9 W:6.8 D:908 INCHES



GECoRAY Pendants

A run of mirrored glass GECoRAY pendants with their original galleries.

Rewired and pat tested.

Price is per light, supplied with suspension chain and ceiling hook.

HH:28 W:23 D:23 CM

H:11 W:9 D:9 INCHES



Small Fase Desk Lamp

A Fase desk lamp.

A scarce model.

Madrid late 60s.

Rewired and pat tested.

H:25 W:17 D:25 CM


H:25 W:17 D:25 CM

H:9.9 W:6.8 D:9.8 INCHES



Wrought Iron Pillars

A pair of wrought iron architectural pillars.

English 1930s.



H:222 W:24 D:24 CM

H:87.2 W:9.5 D:9.5 INCHES