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Rosewood Centre Table

A rosewood centre table.

Beautifully figured timber, tottally original with no restoration.

English, Yorkshire, 1840s.

H:69 W:97 D:38 CM

H:27 W:38 D:15 INCHES



George III Dining Chairs

A set of eight George IIII mahogany dining chairs.

Consisting of six dining and two elbow chairs all with faded green leather studded seat pads.

English late 1820s.

H:91 W:52 D:45 CM

H:35.5 W:20.5 D:17.7 INCHES



Bistro Tables

Cast iron bistro tables with alloy and Formica tops. 


Two (2) available, price is per table.

H:74 W:127 D:64 CM

H:29 W:50 D:25 INCHES



New Old Stock Anglepoise

A "NOS" New Old Stock 1227 Anglepois desk light.

The lamp is in incredibly original condition as you would expect, it retains the factory production line sign off sheet and the "how to handle" instructions.

Only the wiring has been changed to an exact copy of what it was supplied with.

English 1930s.

H:67 W:15 D:45 CM

H:26.5 W:6 D:17.5 INCHES



Garden Bench

An ornate cast ion and hardwood garden seat.

Extraordinary form to the cast iron supports, the armrest terminates in a swans head, the rest dominated by swirling foliage forms, the front legs terminate in a lions paw foot.

English, mid-19th century. 

H:87 W:154 D:63 CM

H:34.5 W:60 D:25 INCHES



Medical Trolley

A green painted and enamelled medical trolley.


H:90 W:42 45 CM

H:35.5 W:16.5 D:17.7 INCHES



Matt White Conical Pendants

Matt opaline glass pendant lights on short stem alloy gallery's.


Three (3) available, price is per pendant.

H:41 W:22 D:22 CM

H:16 W:8.5 D:8.5 INCHES



Hexagonal Opalines

We have a run of these highly unusual opaline glass pendant lights in stock.

The brass galleries are rarely seen in this style and allow for height adjustments with different lengths of chain, complete with their original ceiling rose.

Removed from a chapel in South Wales where they were fitted in 1933.

Price is per light.

H:34 W:40 D:37 CM

H:13.5 W:15.7 D:14.5 INCHES



Twin Heat lamp

An articulated heat lamp converted to use as a table or desk light.

Twin nickel plated adjustable arms with polished alloy shades mounted on a painted steel base with twin brass switches and Bakelite handle.

Manufactured by Perihel.


Rewired and pat tested.

H:83 W:75 D:27 CM

H:32.5 W:29.5 D:10.5 INCHES



Mill Trolley

A carpet factory remnants trolley.

Stitched pony hide on a timber frame with cast iron castors.

Northern England circa 1820.

H:82 W:93 D:64 CM

H:32.5 W:36 D:25 INCHES


H:89 W:95 D:70 CM

H:35 W:42 D:28 INCHES



British Industrial Lamp

An articulated industrial task light bolted to a steel beam.

English, 1930s.

Rewired and pat tested.

H:53 W:13 D:40 CM

H:20.7 W:5.5 D:16 INCHES



Black Anglepoise

An original 1227 model Anglepoise articulated desk lamp.

Rewired and pat tested.

1931: Automotive engineer, George Carwardine developed a theoretical concept for balancing weights using springs, cranks and levers. Using special springs with a ‘constant tension’ quality developed by Terry’s, Carwardine chanced upon the means to create an articulated task lamp that could combine ultimate flexibility with perfect balance.  

H:67 W:15 D:45 CM

H:26.5 W:6 D:17.5 INCHES



Large Three Part Holophanes

Large three part prismatic glass pendant lights Manufactred by Holophane.

Superb quality and completely original.

English 1920s.

Price is per pendant.

Rewired and pat tested.

H:37 W:36 D:36 CM

H:14.7 14.5 D:14.5 INCHES




Dye House Mill Trolley

A carpet factory dye house mill trolley.

Stitched pony hide on a timber frame with cast iron castors.

Northern England circa 1820. 

Two available, price is per trolley.

H:82 W:93 D:64 CM

H:32.5 W:36 D:25 INCHES



Camel Back Sofa

Twin camel back sofa in the manner of Chippendale.

Raised on mahogany cabriole legs and twin H stretcher.

For restoration and reupholstery.

H:84 W:182 D:80 CM (Seat Height 36cm)

H:33 W:71.7 D:30.5 INCHES (Seat Height 14 inches)




A pair of life size anatomical wall hangings.

German 1960s.

Price is for the pair.

H:196 W:82 CM

H::77 W:32.5 INCHES



Robin Day RD1 Tables

Five RD1 terrace tables designed by Robin Day for the Festival of Great Britain in 1951

These tables were used in the Royal festival hall as restraunt and foyer furniture.

The tables were produced by Kingfisher Ltd, but were never put into mass production making examples of the RD1 terrace table very scarce.

All with tubular steel hairpin legs and polished mahogany tops, all marked and dated to the underside. 

Given the importance of the tables we have conserved them rather than over restore so scratches and marks to the tops and undersides and wear to the surface of the steel legs have been left alone.

Five available, price is per table.

H:68 W:91 D:91 CM

H:26.7 W:36 D:36 INCHES

Robin Day, OBE, FCSD (25 May 1915 – 9 November 2010)[2] was one of the most significant British furniture designers of the 20th century, enjoying a long career spanning seven decades. An accomplished industrial and interior designer, he was also active in the fields of graphics and exhibitions.



Patisserie Table

A French wrought iron and white marble patisserie table.

Brass finials and remnants of old grey paint to the frame, the whole raised on cast iron castors.

France, early 20th century.

H:83 W:138 D:88 CM

H 32.5 W:54 D:34.5 INCHES



Trestle Table

A cast iron trestle table with pine plank top.

English 1930s.

110" W x 31" D x 31" High



Crystal Table Lamp

A faceted crystal table lamp.

Beautiful form and colour. 

English early 20th century.

Rewired and pat tested.

H:38 W:15 D:15 CM

H:15 W:6 D:6 INCHES



Five Arm Floor Lamp

A mid-century floor lamp with five sprung arms on a wheeled base.

This lamp was originally produced for use in heat therapy and would have been fitted with red bulbs.

Mechanically and electrically restored while leaving the original painted and polished finish as found.


 Rewired and pat tested.

variable Height

H:153-204 W:145 D:59 CM

H:68-84 W:56.5 D:23.3 INCHES



Evertaut Factory Chair

Folded steel Evertaut factory work chair.

Mid century. 

H:81 W:43 D:32 CM (Seat Height 54 cm)

H:31.5 W:17 D:12.5 INCHES (Seat Height 21 inches)



Large Tie Backs

A pair of large ornate curtain tie backs.

20th Century.

Price is for the pair.

Size below is for the tassle only.

H:46 W:16 D:16 CM.

H: 18 Q:6.6 D:6.6 INCHES.





Mekelek Task Lamp

An articulated industrial task light on a cast iron base.

Manufactured by Mekelek.

English, 1950s.

Rewired and pat tested.

H:74 W:15.5 D:90 CM

H:29 W:6 D:36 INCHES



Gothic Linen Fold Panels

Three carved and painted linen fold architectural elements in the Gothic Revival manner.

Crisply carved in pine with all original painted decorations, probably part of a wall panel or door.

English 1870s.

Price is for the three.

H:77 W:28 D:4 CM

H:30.5 W:11 D:1.7 INCHES