About Drew Pritchard

Love What You Do - Drew Pritchard

Drew Pritchard spent his early childhood being dragged around what seemed to him, every gallery in Europe by his father: an artist desperate to widen his terms of reference. Circuitously, this lead to his seven year apprenticeship as a restorer of stained glass. Eventually, this lead to his salvage hunting career which allows him to share his passion for reclamation and restoration.

A natural scavanger, with a passion for a bargain from his formative years, Drew is fondly remembered by his parents bringing home bits of broken cars and bikes and treating them as treasure.

Today, he spends much of his time scouring for new treasure, nearly always in Great Britain as he adores the”English” look and sense of fun. He buys on a number of levels; great design, patina and originality being the main attractions. He always gets huge gratification from re-contextualising his finds and seeing the effect for example the incongruity of a giant propeller in an interior domestic space.

Drew Pritchard has had an online presence for over 12 years and this has facilitated the sharing of his passion with international interior designers, decorators, celebrities, tradespeople and private clients.

He simply loves what he does.

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